Our Mission

As pioneers of WEEE Recycling Technology, we transfer operational and market know-how to our customers worldwide.

With over 25 years of industrial expertise, we design, build and operate turn-key WEEE Recycling Plants from small to large scale capacities. Our cutting-edge Swiss made designs provide the highest economic output and yields of reclaimable materials. Our proficient experts will train and support your operators to surpass EU standards. Our commodity trading partners ensure the highest market prices for reclaimed elements including: precious metals, none ferrous, ferrous and plastics.

EPC Solutions

We provide EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) ServicesOur clients all have exacting factory requirements. Most weeeSwiss operations are implemented using our standardised modular designs, while other clients leverage our weeeSwiss custom-built ingenuity.

Implementing proven recycling processes is the foundation to our clients’ success. Our factories are built using these following principles.


  1. Analyze Business Requirements
  2. Recycling Process Design
  3. Factory Layout Design
  4. Installation, Startup & Training
  5. Ramp-up of Production
  6. Sale of Reclaimed Materials
  7. Professional Services
  8. Production Process Extensions & Improvements

Turn Key Solutions

Let us work with you in defining your technical needs, market requirements and expectations. Together we create a great concept that will meet all those demands and further provide you with inputs from our experiences, resale exchanges and recovery process solutions.

Based on your turn key requirements, we will design, build and commission your complete plant. We will also train your personnel and technical crews to meet international quality, safety, and production standards.  We will get your plant up and running within budgets, time schedules, and performance descriptions.