You have a target; we give you the solution. After constructing, building, commissioning and operating more than 10 large scale WEEE Recycling plants and many smaller projects our experts design the process with the right machines to achieve your goals. Our engineers analyze existing installations and design new processes to increase the efficiency of your plant. Significant value-added potential can often be reached by optimizing existing machines, systems and established processes, or by combining them with new equipment.

weeeSwiss professionals analyze the current status of the process, the machines’ capabilities, operational skills and qualification of the staff to support improving your individual recycling procedures. Hereby we take into account the recycling rate, the internal cost production efficiency and the external market value of the output fractions. weeeSwiss Consulting covers approval-, project-, production-, process-, receiving- and internal logistic-management as well as developing new technologies.      

Operational Know-How Transfer

Over the years we developed special training programs, to turn your operators within a short period into professional recyclers. This training covers the theoretical fundamentals up to an industrial process engineering level featured in each of our recycling plants. This training is individually designed to your needs and at the level of your operators. 

Outgoing Fractions Trading

We provide to our customers Off-Take-Agreements to support the sales of the outgoing fractions of WEEE Recycling Plants. Our worldwide market knowledge and network, to smelters, recyclers give you the optimal market value of your outputs.

Post-Sales Support

Only with responsive customer support, recycling operators can maintain high quality output fractions, -throughput and -performance of your installation. weeeSwiss post-sales support includes machine overhauls, parts replacements and keeping your plant up to date.